Meetings Reservation API’s

Instant Access to Real-Time Content, Rates & Availability for Venues, Catering, Rooms and Equipment to Power Your Meetings Sales System

Just need the data? Have your own meetings sales system, but don’t have the real-time data for the content, pricing and availability to make it work?

We have the solution.

Flexible setup and access to exactly the data you need. Only want to feature a certain set of hotels or a specific brand or destination? Or do you need access to the entire worldwide database. We can configure the access to meet your needs.

Want more than just meeting rooms? You can have access to multiple meeting rooms and breakout spaces, across multiple days, catering options, equipment options and even sleeping rooms – all in real-time through a few simple calls.

Power Your Meetings Sales System with Comprehensive Real-Time Meetings Data

Real-Time Pricing & Availability

Instant access to the current rates and availability

Comprehensive Data

Including meeting space, breakout rooms, catering, equipment and hotel rooms

Fast, Easy Startup

Fully compliant API’s built to industry standards

Comprehensive Features & Functions to Make the Process Easier and the Results More Profitable

Real Time

Instant data response

No Double-Booking

Fully implemented two-way interfaces also deliver the bookings and updated status to all distribution channels worldwide

Complete Booking

Data for search, selection, configuration and booking of meeting space, breakout rooms, catering, equipment and sleeping rooms

Oracle MICROS Opera Integration

Full two-way integration with Oracle MICROS Opera S&C for a seamless, instant communication of pricing and availability

Industry Standards

Secure, modern interfaces using industry standard protocols


Worldwide 24/7 support

Inventory Control

Differential pricing and availability by date, configuration, advance booking window and distribution channel

Power your meetings and events with real-time pricing and availability

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