Frequently Asked Questions

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Venue Setup

How do I get started?

Contact us and we’ll get you going ASAP! Or send an email to or call +44 (0) 203 500 0240.

How long does it take to get going?

To list your venue, you can follow along our Self Onboarding process and be done in a matter of minutes. Even for the most complex setup, your access to Kiva will be ready in just a few days.

How much work is it for my staff?

Minimal. There’s a simple online intake form, then our staff does all the “heavy lifting” to get your setup. They will let you know if there’s any other information that might be required, and they’ll make suggestions to help you be more successful.

Can Kiva handle catering and equipment requests?

Kiva holds all the details of catering, equipment, services and amenities available at your venue. You can decide on how and when to distribute them. 

What about bedrooms?

If your venue has bedrooms, they can be booked alongside the meeting space. Alternatively, we can include bedrooms from nearby hotels as an option during the booking process.  


How do I get notified of a new booking?

We can send bookings directly to your Sales and Catering or Event Management system. Alternatively, you can receive notifications in the Kiva desktop and mobile apps or by email.

What if the customer has a question during the booking process?

Kiva makes it easy to provide customers with all the information they need via our flexible booking engine. There’s also a messaging facility in our booking apps to help you handle any questions.

What if my meeting space is not available?

You control the availability of your meeting spaces. If your meeting space is not available – either because we already have a meeting booked or because you have taken that space out of inventory for that date and time – then it will not show up in the search results and the customer will not be able to book it.


How do the customers pay for their meetings?

They can pay through your payment processor or you can invoice them directly. If your bookings need a guarantee the customer can include credit card details, which will be handled and delivered securely. 

Do you integrate with my payment processor?

Yes, we can integrate with your payment processor and feed the booking information directly to the payment processor.  Likewise, if the customer has a contracted account, the booking data is transmitted to your A/R for invoicing. 

How do I get paid for the meeting?

The same way you do now, through your current payment processor or invoicing. 


Can I control the distribution channels?

Yes. You can select which channels to distribute your meeting spaces and set the pricing and availability for each channel.

Are you a channel manager?

And much more. Rather than just select the distribution channels, you can set the pricing and availability by distribution channel. Plus our global network of distribution channel partnerships helps you to sell your meeting spaces to a wider audience.


What’s the cost to get started?

Less than you might think. We have a sliding scale depending on the number of meeting spaces or the number of bookings. Just fill out the request here, email or call +44 (0) 203 500 0240.


What level of support do you provide?

We have worldwide 24/7 support available to help you and your customers.

What do I do if I have a problem?

You can simply click on Support in the app or send an email to