Welcome to the future of meetings

At Kiva, we firmly believe there are better ways of selling meeting spaces. A quicker, more efficient and cheaper process is at the centre of our thinking.

Life should be less complicated, which is why we obsess with distribution. The meetings industry is the least understood and most overly complex sector of travel and hospitality. We see an opportunity to connect everyone (yes, even our competition), making inventory accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our mission is to be the connector for the Meetings Industry.

The Birth of Kiva Solutions

Kiva started out in early 2014 when our CEO, Gee Mann was trying to source venues for his events management company. While trying to book a prestigious London hotel on behalf of one his clients, he was unable to book the venue as his company was not a preferred supplier. Then, a preferred supplier at the hotel tried to sell the same space to Gee at a premium. Gee couldn’t understand how the hotels were passing off extra revenue to resellers and missing the opportunity to connect directly with their clients.

This was the beginning of the end for the events management company and the birth of Kiva.

Since that day, we have:

  • Launched our small group meetings self-booking tool
  • Launched our real-time booking solutions to travel management companies and agencies
  • Been shortlisted for the Travel Disrupt awards at Travel Technology Europe
  • Been certified as an Oracle hospitality partner

We are now a Software as a Service technology partner for hotels and bookers to provide instant booking of meetings and events.

“We live in an on demand economy. We all need instant access. Time to bring meetings online!"

Gee Mann
CEO & Founder

Our Team

Character is everything. It defines how we act and the things we do. No individual can do it all, hence we bought together a rock star team!

Gee Mann
CEO & Founder
Don Wilson
Chief Operating Officer
Joakim Persson
Chief Technology Officer
Tim Unwin
Chief Product Officer
Mohamed Ifthikar
Integration Lead
Kenny Ho
Mikolaj Zieba
Solutions Architect


Our Board and Advisors support our vision and assist in key strategies. They play a pivotal part of our journey.

Katherine Grass
Board Advisor
John Gallery
Board Member
Kiran Mann
Board Member
John Reilly
Board Member
Matt Zito
Board Advisor