An Instant Meeting Room Booking System

Our Online Meeting Room Booking System provides worldwide distribution of meeting spaces of hotels and other venues so that meeting planners and travel agents can book meetings and events online, in real-time, without the hassle, expense and wasted time of RFP’s and proposals.

KIVA's Instant Meeting Room Booking System provides online distribution of hotel meeting rooms and conference venues so that meeting planners and travel agents can instantly book meetings.

Book more meetings and events. Lower your costs. Increase margins. Focus on customers. Make more revenues and profits.

Why Choose Our Meeting Room Booking System?

  • Faster, More Efficient Process

    Reduce the small meeting booking
    process from days or weeks to
    Point - Click - Booked.
  • Immediate ROI

    Higher utilisation, more revenues,
    less wasted efforts, lower costs ...
    all add up to instant payback.
  • Lower Your Costs

    Get your time back.
    Improve margins.
    Focus on customers, not inquiries.


Just like you can go online to book a flight with Expedia, book a room with Airbnb, book a ride with Uber … now you can book small meetings with Kiva.
Everyone wants push-button simple meetings and events!
  • Hotels & Venues

    Kiva promotes your meeting spaces worldwide, increasing your revenues, and providing instant online bookings, improved conversions and lower costs.
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  • Travel Agents & Meeting Planners

    Reduce the booking process by days or weeks, save hours of searching, configuring and booking, and improve your margins on every event.
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  • Flexible Workspaces

    Promote your meeting spaces across thousands of channels worldwide, while Kiva packages your space with nearby hotel rooms.
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  • Destinations & CVB's

    Promote your destination by getting more meetings and events for your members. Kiva provides worldwide distribution and promotion.
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  • Wholesalers & OTA's

    License the Kiva API's as a one-stop-shop for complete real-time pricing and availability for meeting spaces, catering, equipment and hotel rooms.
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Kiva provides the tools needed for worldwide distribution of meeting spaces and instant online bookings.

From a comprehensive meetings reservations system, to an embedded booking engine, to real-time data access via the Kiva API's.

All powered by an easy-to-configure back-end manager to review and augment the automated data feeds available.

Let's get started.

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